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The Mission

To sustainably provide a diverse and size inclusive community that creates confidence and feeling good in your clothes, aiding individuals that struggle to find their style and source the clothes for the aesthetic trying to be achieved. 

GirlsWithTheFits is a sustainably-driven and plus-size friendly brand founded in 2020 by Sami Morales, which provides one-of-a-kind vintage clothing items along with personalized sourcing and styling services. After always desiring to wear high quality and unique items, I became inspired to sustainably source a diverse range of styles of fashion that include but are not limited to: streetwear, luxury, European, American, 90s, 2000s, coquette, fairy core, mermaid core, old money core. Having a mother who struggled to find her size in styles she loved due to being more well-endowed and the lack of of diversity in the fashion industry, it provoked me to place an importance on understanding sizing and how the fit of clothing can make a huge difference on your body type, focusing on specializing in plus-size friendly options and services.

The brand focus

1) styling and sourcing services

2) customizable & curated jewelry and body jewelry

3) internationally sourced vintage fashion

4) archived designer fashion

5) curated styles: 90's, 2000's/y2k, coquette, fairy & mermaid core, model-off duty, sleepwear

6) plus-size friendly

For a more personalized experience, one-on-one virtual/and or in-person appointments can be made via our website under "Personalize Style Bundle Box". 

All sustainable and upcycled clothing items and accessories are sourced state-wide in America and globally across Europe. All handmade jewelry and body jewelry is made-to-order and handmade by Sami Morales. 

Every clothing item and accessory is sustainably sourced with many items still having the tags on it -- never being worn. When you buy GirlsWithTheFits, you are supporting a sustainably driven and plus-size friendly brand that is a small portion with limited quantity of the clothing industry.

GirlsWithTheFits is worn by your everyday IT girl to an environmentalist who has a passion for fashion with the commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

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